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Panorama Physical Model of Industrial Area
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Product: Views:364Panorama Physical Model of Industrial Area 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-11-19 04:00

1, the product name: overall less plate model, sand table model including campus factory park sand table model, design its sand table model, model of advertising park sand table, office park, sand table model sand table model, model of sand at the zoo, botanical garden, etc.

2. Production contents: architectural model, environmental model, architectural model lighting, environmental model lighting, sand table display base and other contents.

3. Size of sand table: the size of sand plate shall be determined by the ordering party.

4, model scale advice: usually model between 0 and 1 0 scale effect is better, can clearly see that building model details, such as building line, building doors and Windows, balcony railing can reflect, landscape plants and trees are abstract, sketch is also completely simulation environment.

5, production materials: building model made of polymer resin ABS board before the production model of stylist according to party a to provide drawings for a second drawing into carving graphics, modelers manually splicing after spray paint color, final assembly.

In accordance with the general drawing of the production, the design of the model, the way, the water system, the terrain, the square, the location of the building, etc., shall be accurately located by mechanical carving.

All the plants and trees are made by our professional staff including landscape sketches.

6, sand table model: before ordering unit to the requirements of drawing and provide the content of sand table model, explain the purpose of the sand table style requirements, such as the size of the booth base drawings including single architectural drawings, environmental general layout drawings, landscape reference pictures, architectural renderings, etc., drawing need to provide cad file format.

According to the order, our company will draw up the production contract, the ordering unit will pay the deposit and start the production, and make the production schedule of the sand table.

In 7, sand table model, sand table our project leader in the production process, in accordance with sand production schedules, photo and video for ordering unit in stages, head of the inspection, there are problems timely communication.

8. After the production of the sand tray model: according to the on-site video and photos, the person in charge of the ordering unit of the sandbox shall check and accept the goods. After the acceptance, the company shall pay full payment, and our company shall pack and deliver the goods.